Saturday, November 22, 2008


That's when you need a hook-up. A connection. Unfortunately, everyone wants to wait. Until the weight of now becomes a feather and it doesn't matter anymore. They assume that because you have biceps and that because you're somewhat handsome, you're good. You'll be fine.

But you're not.

It's like driving a BMW and living in a trailer. You go back to your singlewide and get swallowed by your insecurities. Alcohol is a gift and a curse, my friends. A gift and a curse.

It's time to make this morning tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That's a good piece of writing!

Anonymous said...

It used to be easy to find fuck buddies... now I don't know what has happened to bitches. They all want to wait and make you spend an ass load of money on them. Most of the time I end up spending an ass load of money and then not getting any.. :=(

FCF said...

Spot on as usual. Make these more frequent! Long distance high five homes.

smith101 said...

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