Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You have no rights when you work in customer service. It's comparable to being a black man in rural Alabama.

"He shot me, officer."
"Why were you in the way of his gun?"

It's weird. Sometimes I actually mistake myself for a human being. I guess it's easy to get confused. I exhibit a lot of the traits: thinking, breathing, masturbating. I know how to wipe myself, know how to operate a microwave. I can shout racial slurs at Mexican drivers then go and bang a Hispanic girl. I have many facets, multiple dimensions. I am a contradiction.

But I'm also an employee, which negates allllllll of that shit. If you tell me to go fuck myself, I have to go fuck myself. And I have to do it with a smile. You, the customer, the member, are always right. Me? I'm your bitch. Your slave. Your gimp.

No, I'm definitely not human.

The gym enforces blackout hours. During the week, from 5 to 7:30, employees are not allowed to use the facility (not even the bathrooms) so as not to get in the way of real live people. These are enforced regardless of gym traffic. I've been chewed out before for taking a shower in an empty locker room.

"It's the rules," my manager told me, booze on his breath.

In order to comply with these rules, I lift at four, finish by five, and wash my ass at home.

That wasn't good enough today, though.

I came back from my superset to find a gay man with Val Kilmer hair stripping the weights from the Smith machine I had been using.

"I'm on that, man."

He looked up, ready to retort with something assholish, like he was going to let me have it for not physically standing by my piece of equipment. His expression changed when he saw that I was bigger than him and probably didn't have a small dick.

"Oh, uh, well, I asked everyone around and they didn't know who was on it so..."
"You didn't see my belt and towel and keys right there?"
"Well you weren't here."
"That's because I'm hopping back and forth trying to get everything done. I work here and they kick me out at five."

I pointed at the clock. 4:53.

"Can I work in then?"
"Yeah, but we're doing two different things and it'd be kind of inconvenient. I'll be done in a few if you want it then."

Completely polite with a hint of firmness. He hung around for a moment while I threw my weights back on -- one of those things people do when they're embarrassed but don't want to look like they're embarrassed. Then he walked away. I continued my workout and things were good.

At 4:58, my manager came up.

"Did you just tell a member he couldn't use a piece of equipment because you were on it?"

I had thought to myself that it would be funny and fucking ridiculous if the member went and told on me. I'm always concocting scenarios in my head, anticipating the next move. I'm like the kid in Searching for Bobby Fischer, looking ahead on life's chessboard: if I move this, he'll move that, then I'll move this, then he'll move that... I'm pretty accurate for the most part, so this queen didn't surprise me too much, but at the same he did. What a prick.

"Yeah, I told him I had to be out of here at five and I'd be done in a minute."

My manager got this look on his face like a movie-father gets when he's telling a boy to stay away from his daughter.

"You are an employee of this company. He is a PAYING MEMBER."
"I understand that, but I'm just trying to follow the rules."
"No, you're not following the rules!"
"I am!"
"You know what? Just go. Go home."
"Are you serious?"
"Go. Get out of here. Stop fucking my daughter."

Okay, he didn't say that last part.

I grabbed my stuff and followed my manager downstairs. Inside, I could feel my soul die a little more. Ever smush an ant and watch it hobble around? My soul is that ant. Except glowing.

My manager told me we needed to talk and took me into the personal training office where they usually fire people they regret hiring. Inside sat the fitness manager, a Napoleonic complex with a goatee and LA Looks-hardened hair. He used to be cool back when he first got hired as a trainer, but then they promoted him and he turned into a major dick. Shit like that happens when you drink your own Kool-Aid.

"You need to quit with your primadonna attitude!"
"I was polite. He's being the primadonna."
"He's allowed to be a primadonna! As an employee of this company, you are here to serve him! He pays for a membership. Me and you are employed because of him."

And I understand this. In theory. But a line has to be drawn somewhere.

I tried to explain where I was coming from. I told my manager that this wouldn't be an issue if I had more time to work out and wasn't rushing to finish by five -- a case of the corporate snake coiling back to feed on its own tail. He told me that was my problem. Not his. Not the member's.

Basically, I argued I was a human. He argued I was an employee.

What hurts and bothers me is that my manager is so blind as a corporate android that he didn't even stop to consider that maybe this guy was being self-centered and more than a little fucking demanding. It's one thing to pretend to be on the customer's side for the customer's sake. It's another thing to actually be on the customer's side. Because I am an employee, I am automatically wrong and the member is automatically right. What if I were a member? What recourse would he have had then? I should quit, BUY a membership, and drop a fucking dumbbell on his head. And then complain to my manager about the blood and skull fragments on the floor.

"There should not be brain matter on this floor! I pay way too much money to work out here."
"Yes, sir."
"Eat my ass."
"Yes, sir."

And then I bend over and he eats my ass. Not because I'm gay, but because I'm powerful.

I considered walking out. Telling him to fuck off. But then I thought about the economy. About Obama looking to the heavens. About my networking opportunities. About my free membership. And I saw the fitness manager sitting there with that overly concerned, managerial look on his smug face, hands folded by his chin, and I knew he wanted me to fly off the handle because I almost kicked his ass at a bar one night and made a bunch of short jokes because he had tried to get me fired for "undermining" him.

I took a deep breath and literally bit my tongue.

"You're right. I'm wrong. I'm sorry. It will never happen again."
"I'm glad you realize that."

And then I went the extra mile:

"Where's the member? I'd like to apologize to him."

You could almost hear the pre-cum leak from my manager's dick tip. And oh how I knew it would. To him, this would be a grand gesture from a veteran employee who had an unfortunate lapse in judgment. To me, this would be suppressing my rage and discontent long enough to save my job, earn brownie points, and get a closer look at this guy's face so I could fuck with his life at a later date.

We left the office and my manager ushered me over to where the asshole was doing wrist curls for his forearms -- an exercise to improve his mojito-fueled handjobs at techno-powered dick bars, no doubt. I crossed my fingers on my left hand and obscured them with my towel. I mean the company's towel.

"I'd like to apologize for my behavior. I was rude and inconsiderate and I'm sorry."

The member's reaction -- a mixture of entitlement and satisfaction -- pissed me off even more.

"Thanks. I mean I'm all for supersets, but you should let other people work in, you know."

I bit my fucking tongue again. I wanted to tell him, to beat it into him, that I HAD NO TIME. That he was a tattletale bitch with the hair of Iceman, and that I would gladly key the Porsche he cruises Santa Monica Boulevard in given the chance.

"I know. I'm sorry. I was wrong."
"Well okay."

He put his fist out. Really. Really. I gave it a weak tap and walked away.

"There you go! That's what I like to see!" my manager exclaimed, slapping me on the shoulder in a "did you see that touchdown?!" way. We were friends again. And we'll always be friends -- just as long as I'm on the customer's side.

I need to sell a fucking script.


Anonymous said...

The customer's always right-- except that they're not.

You came out the bigger man, and not just because you've got major guns. (By the way, which way to the gun show?) Re-elect Jeff!

Mom said...

You did the right thing. We all have to suck up to keep working. Hang in there! Love you.

Ronnie Pudding said...

"mojito-fueled handjobs at techno-powered dick bars" would make a great name for an album. Or a baby.

So you’re still writing those script thingamabobs? What’s happening with that?

Anonymous said...

You need to sell a script, quit the gym, then pay for a membership for payback purposes.

Anonymous said...

Working in customer service I completely agree. If it's not the customer shitting on you, it's the manager shitting on you for the customer. Absolutely no privileges or even the same entitlement that the customers have, because you are an employee.

I do my job well, now give me my entitlements. Dicks.

Stephen Francis said...

That's such fucking bullshit. I'm a paying member and they treat me like shit. I hate those motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

The guy was right. There's nothing worse in a gym than a guy who leaves a machine and expects no one else to use it. Also he sounded pretty cool with you and even put his fist out.

Anonymous said...

That dude sounds like a total douche. You are cool as fuck and don’t deserve anything close to that kind of treatment. However… let me explain what may be the genesis of many members attitude about Equinox staff.

At the desk, you are always polite and almost always friendly. Most of the guys who work there are. The women uniformly are not. They are so not. And, their insipid behavior could inspire actions not unlike the douche.

Just like you, I work hard all goddamn day. Taking shit from those above me, trying to give a little less of it than I get to those below. So 12 hours and $150 a month later, I have to endure the attitude of some woman who three years ago was the prettiest girl on the dance squad (though, sadly, not a cheerleader) in a suburb of St. Louis? You may have been the shit in the big Mo, but baby doll this is LA. Dial it the fuck down.

Still, there they stand. All supermarket makeup and self-satisfaction. Cheap manicures deigning to swipe my gym card, looking annoyed as fuck that I interrupted. Interrupted what? Oh yeah, your fucking job. A few weeks ago, some bitch alone behind the desk gave me the most contemptuous smirk that I almost let her have it. Almost. To have reported her would have made me the same as the asshole who fucked with you. A line I choose not to cross. Yet.

My only hope is that my sister members at Equinox - who as you know are for the most part stunning - give these perfectly awful women behind that desk the same look of bored disdain they save for annoying saleswomen at the local Claires – which the women you work with are only one bad membership promotion away from being.

Yes, they are completely cool with you. Of course they are. They want you to want to fuck them (as opposed to actually wanting you to fuck them). If you are a gay dude or a woman, however, the magic pussy doesn't rate. Take the locus of power out of their panties and they can't cope without behaving like complete cunts.

Doesn’t excuse the asshole who dicked with you. I hope you realize there are bitches, though, on both sides of that desk.

Jeff said...

Steve: Yes.
Anonymous: I make it a point to not be one of those people.
Anonymous 2: My apologies. Great post. Flawless grammar.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Anonymous @ 9:48 PM has a blog-- I want to read THAT.

Anonymous said...

Man that was a great fucking post. This nigga is happy you did the right thang and didn't lose your job. You need da paper. Thangs will get brigger for you cous. Keep your head up my nigga.

Anonymous said...

That picture is fucking funny too... haha

Anonymous said...

I bet your boss takes it in the ass. And I'm pretty sure the dude you pissed off takes it in the ass. What faggot goes and motherfucking tells on someone. He must have not gotten spread open and ass fucked by his boyfriend the night before. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Great fucking post!

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