Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reverse Discrimination

One of the aforementioned emails. Just thought I'd share:

That's great. I had an amazing fourth of July. So what have you been doing in LA? I am sorry to inform you but the room is no longer available. You seem like a great guy, but I had another taker. I hope everything works out and you find a place to live. In the meantime I would love to exchange emails to see how you are doing. I will keep my ears and eyes out for a place for you.

take care


You might want to tell people you are gay

My response:

Thanks for the consideration, John. I trust that my sexual orientation has nothing to do with the room already being taken.

Thanks for the tip, though. I'll definitely pretend to be gay from now on.



erin said...

HAHAHA, i love it

Anonymous said...

update ur shit mutherfucker

Anonymous said...

yea... jeff update!