Sunday, February 10, 2008


Home alone
like Macaulay Culkin
dick pointy like ears on a Vulcan
with these foolish words spoken
to a brown-haired girl
I could see the fear in her eyes
when I asked for her number
what a blunder
"Alexis has it," she said
you know life sucks when
alcohol can't numb the rejection
the ejection of my heart
I should expect it
protect it
but I put it out there like
a retard in little league
a tourist in Italy
spit on me
I'm pathetic
how I miss her flat face
like a bullet meant for a president
I'm a resident in this lonely world
lifetime lease
I'm a homely squirrel
staring down the barrel
of failure's shotgun
should I run or should I not run?
A life with words
is a life with your hand
you're your own number one fan
And life tends to happen in this whirlwind
around you
it surrounds you
confounds you
pounds you
you're all by yourself
a cheap bottle of whatever

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